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Part Time Internet Jobs In Kerala

Update [Sep 20, 2013]

We are overwhelmed with the number of emails receiving each day. We are sorry to announce that it is almost impossible to reply messages as we already have 2,000+ job applications at the moment. We will be uploading a FREE Ebook on “How To Make Money Online” for people from India. [will be available during the first week of October]

Looking for online jobs in Kerala? Online writing jobs, designing jobs or scripting [programming] jobs are much better than clicking jobs or paid surveys. As Kerala internet jobs are still to grow from an infant stage, focusing on the sites that provide online jobs only to Keralites won’t be that helpful.

How to make money online from Kerala?

The fact is that it is no matter where you are from; being in Kerala is a plus though. Compared to the other states in the country, Kerala people are having more chances to earn online. The major reason is that language skill is really that significant if you are in search of some part time jobs online, and Keralites are comparatively the best in English language.

Getting started

Internet jobs are the easiest way to earn some big bucks online, and the probability of getting cheated is also at the highest level. What to know before getting started is to start with only the most reputed and genuine firm who offers some part time jobs online. Taking assignments from the middlemen would also be a good choice.

If you try a Google search on “how to make money online”, the majority of the results would be as good as hell. DO NOT ever trust any such sites without getting confirmation from those who already have earned something from such sites.

An upcoming venture of some young entrepreneurs in Kerala is inviting journalists and graphic designers to a project expected to be started next month with the help of incubator.

Send your details to nishastephy@gmail.com with the title “Online Jobs – Kerala”. We are hiring a few more graphic designers this month [please include sample designs]